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June 6: Doggie Surgery and MORE Packrating

June 21st, 2014 at 05:29 pm

My plan for the day was to spend the day packing up stuff* at our now-vacant previous home while my old and blind doggie, Little Bit, had surgery performed to remove a massive mammary growth. All went as planned. All went well.

Again, I had to skip a coffee-and-blogging start to my morning** so I could get Little Bit to the vet by 8:00 am -- which I did. Then back I went to our old house to keep working at getting the heck out of it.

It might seem strange for me to take my dog to a vet that is located over 100 miles from my present home, but it actually often ends up being more time efficient for me to do things like vet trips, bank stops and DMV visits when I am already going to be doing the 100-mile trip anyway.***

By 2:30pm, I had done all the packing I could stand doing, my truck was loaded and I was ready to get the heck out of Dodge. Got to the vet by 3pm, and there was Little Bit with a successful surgery under her belt (no pun intended).

With my doggie snuggled up in one of her most favorite places in the world (my pickup's passenger seat), we were off and running. Two-and-a-half hours and 102 miles later, we were home. Another half-hour and my truck was emptied out and I had had it for the day.

After that, it is all a blur but I would not be surprised if I wrapped up my day with a big Chivas Regal and an extended round of Pacific War!****

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* Packrating Is Costing Me Plenty:
Text is and Link is

** 200 Words A Day That (Hopefully) Matter:
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*** The Frugal Game: Errand Bundling:
Text is and Link is

**** My Strategy Games Rainy Day Passion:
Text is and Link is

2 Responses to “June 6: Doggie Surgery and MORE Packrating”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    I am I correct you are emptying a house you no longer live in? Are you selling or renting it after you get your things out. Are some of your things going to charity or being sold?

  2. Another Reader Says:

    When it comes to vets, I go with the one I know and trust and who knows the animal. I don't care how long the drive is.

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